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Fandom Addict

a challenge community for fandom addicts

Fandom Addict: Icon Challenge
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to fandom_addict. This is a challenge community that will hold weekly challenges from many various fandoms including: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Kill Bill, Lost, and many more.

Each week the two mods, crystalkirk and detoxcocktails, will each post new challenges. They may be screencap, lyric, episode, character, etc. based - depending on our moods, lol.

Also, major thanks to cassiee for getting us the right layout code to use here. Thank you!

1) Post all entries to the journal directly. When you join you already have access to do it, so go right ahead and join in!
2) All entries will be due by 9PM CST each Friday.
3) Voting will take place after the round-up is made and posted, and will last until Sunday afternoon.
4) The winners and new challenge will be posted directly after voting has ended.
5) There will be five awards (and banners) given out: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and two moderator's choices. One selected by each of us.

1) Four entries per person, per week. Meaning, you are allowed to make icons of all the caps if you'd like. You're not allowed to make 2 icons featuring the same cap.
2) Icons must fit LJ standards (ie: be under 100x100/40kb).
3) Don't vote for your own icon.