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Crystal and I do apologize for the long wait.

Crystal is in school and I'm constantly working. Yes, I have time to update my lj, portfolio and blend challenge site. And yes, Crystal has time to make icons and update her blend site. For now, our hearts aren't in this. We're frustrated because the amount of people we thought would join this community and participate is far below our expectations. I have never given up on a project I've opened and neither has Crystal. Please know, we're not the types of people who randomly open and close sites because we're disappointed. We kept the contests running well past the due date because we had lack of entries.

I, above all people understand what it's like to be busy. I would like you to picture a day in the life of Jessika. I'm up between the hours of 3:30-5 AM every morning. I take a shower, dress, walk my dog, and am out of the house within 1.5 hours. I drive to Starbucks, get a venti iced latte, go to work. I not only own 2 businesses but am also a crane operator for my father's company. So let's say I'm operating the crane all day until 4 PM. Then I go to my shop, get some car stuff done, do paperwork, try to fit in a tattoo apointment and then drive home, completely exhausted. I get home, peel my clothes off, walk and feed my dog, shower, and sleep. SOMETIMES I have a few minutes to shovel food in my mouth, but most of the day I'm downing coffee and red bull and chain smoking to keep myself awake. I'm the picture perfect poster child for health, aren't I? So, now that everyone knows what my day's like, I hope you're more understanding.

Crystal's schedule is as hectic as mine, she has to drive a long time to get to school and is there for most of the day. When she comes home I guarantee you she's as tired as I am.

No. That is not fair to the people who participate. We should be updating, seeing as we have time to update our other sites even though we're so busy.

We will get the winners up sometime soon, hopefully. After that, Crystal and I will discuss whether or not we carry on with another round here. We have done everything, from pimping the community to having other people pimp it, begging for entries, asking for suggestions, and still we don't have as many people in the community as we'd like. We apologize to the people who enter every week who look forward to the challenges.

Blend challenge sites and icon communities are only run correctly when we receive a lot of positive feedback and entries. This community has lacked that. Again, I do not speak for everyone, I know as well as Crystal does and you do that there are loyal people who paticipate here and like the community.

So, comments, suggestions, questions are being accepted and will be promptly answered. Then we'll put the winners up sometime this week and depending on the feedback and number of people who join/have joined we'll decide the fate of our little community.


-Jessika & Crystal
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okay so. i'm going to do the voting now. Crystal and I will come up with next week's challenge and hopefully we'll get more entries. Next week it'll be 2 Angel caps, plus a free challenge with a theme. Anyway, vote for your top 3 icons in order, don't vote for yourself. Voting ends Sunday night. The awards, new challenges & layout will be up then or Monday.

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My entries...

Just 'cause detoxcocktails guilted me into it with her dressing down post. I will admit I have been going through a major icon flunk. Which is why the ones below suck. Alot. IMHO. Also, if this post pops up twice, I'll delete it, as Semagic is acting weird.

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Ask and thee shall receive! Nothing special, their a bit rushed.....but it's all for the love of my fabulous mod's XD

EDIT: Ok, I played around with the texture entry a bit, as I really wasn't very happy with it.....

If I've got time I'll try and get round to doing another two.
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So there are 49 members to this community and STILL not enough icons to have a round up and voting.

Please help us out here. Are the caps bad, what's wrong? What do you guys want to see on here that will inspire more entries...because Crystal and I are shit out of ideas.